Are you just a bit too nice?

Are you made from sugar and spice?

The use of nursery rhymes, fairy tales and other stories are ingrained into our history as a way of passing on cultures and expected ways of behaviour. These messages are absorbed into our subconscious and effect our value and belief system as we grow and develop. The power of the metaphor within hypnosis, as we understand the benefits of indirect suggestion, is far less likely to be rejected by the conscious mind.

It is good to be good, isn’t it?

As with most things in life, yes and no, when we get the balance right it is good to be kind, thoughtful, respectful etc. but if we get the balance wrong then we can develop some unhealthy attitudes and behaviour: people pleasing, being unable to say no, or not valuing ourselves as highly as others, which effects our confidence and self-esteem.

Or are you nasty?

Are you made of snips and snails and puppy dogs tails?

We are far less likely to want to admit to this one as it suggests involvement in socially undesirable attitudes and behaviour. Yet who has never been a bit thoughtless? Taken a bit of a snipe at a loved one or perhaps been a bit dismissive of others as their views did not fit in to our own black and white thinking?

As Hypnotherapists we are story tellers, we use this to help guide our clients into trance and within that lovely relaxed state individuals can calmly examine, challenge and adapt any behaviours which may have developed in their past that are no longer of benefit to them.

Solution focussed Hypnotherapy is brain based and we teach clients, not only how these patterns may have developed in the past but also how with neuroplasticity, the brain has the potential to adapt and create new neural pathways to meet current needs. We have the ability to change these patterns at a physiological and psychological level.

Hypnotherapy is a pleasurable experience that helps you to make positive changes. When you engage in therapy you empower yourself to achieve the life you want and deserve.